Open mould Workshop 20th August

Here are the results of a hard day's work by six very enthusiastic students.  This was the last open mould workshop for 2017 - contact me if you are interested in a spot in 2017's workshops.

Each block is about 245 mm wide, 115 mm high, 30 mm thick and weighing around 2 kg.

Open Mould Workshop, 30th July 2016

Here are the results of a very productive day's work by five enthusiastic students.

It love seeing how people take a technique and easily make it their own!

This workshop concentrated on making a block casting around 25 x 120 x 3 cm.  The relief images were made using a silica/plaster mould.

The smaller pieces were made during the last hour of the workshop from quickly modeled clay forms which were coated in silica/plaster.

New lampshades

My latest commission for two pendant lamps. I learnt a lot about Bullseye glass, making moulds and working out of my comfort pallete!

Wintery Saturday - Pate de verre workshop

A warm studio is a perfect way to spend a wintery day!  We got the glass crushing done before the rain set in and spent the rest of the day making molds and filling with glass paste.

A successful day!

A successful day!

Weedy sea dragon casting

My first mould using Flexil, PVC moulding rubber. Heat this stuff to 160 deg and pour it on! Comes off easily. Only problem is the temp to make it molten which will cook more delicate subjects. 

The piece here is for a commission due in September and is of a weedy sea dragon.  


Koi kite

New design - Japanese fish kites ready for the kiln. 


New website and japan inspired....


Back from an amazing trip to Japan and ready to make some glass. I was very interested in the carp kites being displayed for Boy's Day on 5th May and hope to make some in glass.